Collaborative Product Development for High Quality, Safety, and Reliability

Conceptualizing, designing, manufacturing and operating high quality, safe, and reliable products and systems is a rigorous and highly cross-functional process. Cogence supports a number of well developed and widely used techniques and processes in automotive, aerospace and medical device industries in an integrated fashion to support development and operation of high quality, safe, and reliable products and systems. We believe these techniques and processes are applicable for organizations in many industries that are focused on developing high quality, safe and reliable products and systems.

Product Planning

System Requirements, Quality Function Deployment, Risk Assessment and Analysis, Systems/Design FMEA, UsabilityFMEA and more

Product Development Program Management

Product development program management, Program activities, execution and visibility..

Product Lifecycle Analytics

Product Cost Analysis, Product Change Notice (PCN) Impact Analysis, End-of-life Analysis, Engineering Change Impact Analysis, Product Supply Chain Risk Analysis and more.

Product Engineering

Systems Models, Parts, Bill of Material Management, Firmware/Software, Design History with Version/Revision/Release Management, Engineering Change Management

Component Engineering

Manufacturer Part Management, New Component Request/Qualification Process, New Supplier/Manufacturer Qualification, Part Change Notice (PCN) Analysis and Resolution

Verification and Validation

Systems/Design Verification Plan and Report, Simulation/Test Result and Data Management, Closed Loop Test Failure Resolution..

Manufacturing Engineering

Process Planning, Process FMEA, Control Plan, Product and Process Characteristics..

Quality Engineering

Quality Deployment, Failure Reporting and Corrective Action System, Root Cause Analysis, A3 Report, Calibration Processes, Measurement Systems Analysis...


Regulatory Certification

Regulatory and Standards Certification (CE, EMC, RF, RoHS/WEEE, PMR, 510K,...)Evaluation, Readiness Checks, Preparation, Validation, and Submissions

Supply Chain Collaboration

Integration of customers and suppliers into different collaborative product development processes, supplier quality engineering, design/engineering collaboration, quality collaboration..

Application Integration

Integration to Design/PLM systems, ERP, Supply Chain Planning, MES, Test/Verification/Validation systems

Workflow Management

Sophisticated activity based workflow management to support NPDI and supporting processes. Review/approvals, sub-processes and more.