Cogence is created by an experienced team of people from Cambrian Lab who have been involved in industrial design, mechanical, electrical and computer engineering, software design and engineering, manufacturing and supply chain management.

Cogence is the culmination of our decade long effort to create the simplest and most effective New Product Introduction System in the market. It combines the best aspects of Automotive Product Development and Toyota Production System processes. While we believe that every company can benefit and find outstanding value with Cogence we think that organizations that emphasize

  • New Product Introduction Speed
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement
  • Reliability and Robustness

will find the most value. And best of all, it is affordable and easy to adopt.

We derive inspiration from diverse organizations and people that obsess over customer success and service. Our goal is to be transparent, eliminate waste and get to helping and serving our customers 100% of the time. We succeed only when our customers succeed.