Cogence for Industrial Machinery Manufacturers

Engineering and Manufacturing Change Management

Engineering and manufacturing changes are central to how industrial machinery manufacturers meet build-to-order and customer specific requirements. Ability to coordinate engineering and manufacturing changes effectively is essential to reduce errors and speed up build-to-order processes. Cogence is an ideal solution for implementing the engineering and manufacturing change process cross-functionally as well as for connecting all the systems (Design PLM, ERP, Supply Chain and Manufacturing Execution systems) that play a role in Engineering and Manufacturing Change Management that drive build-to-order design and manufacturing.

Continuous Improvement Processes

Industrial machinery have a long life in the field. Ability to continuously improve machines that are on the field leads to improved uptime, availability, and higher customer service levels.  Cogence has out of the box cross-functional process templates for product/process improvement requestscustomer complaintswarranty requestsreturn materialscorrective action requestsnon-conformances and deviations. In addition, Cogence supports different types of root cause analyses as part of continuous improvement processes.