New Product Introduction (NPI) Review

NPI Reviews are critical activities of NPI Process Orchestration. These reviews provide an important element of visibility as well as decision-making support.

NPI reviews are conducted in a cross-functional manner and involve stakeholders from Marketing/Sales, Engineering, Sourcing, Supplier Development, Quality, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain functions. From our experience working with customers, cross-functional NPI reviews are very hard to do because of the need for information from multiple systems as well as support for decision-making for cross-functional teams.

Cogence supports an innovative and effective approach for conducting cross-functional NPI reviews. The figure below shows NPI Review board in the context of a product (ZPhoneX) and its various components. The NPI review is conducted for different facets of the NPI program, including NPI Readiness, Supplier Readiness, Cost Management, NPI Build by cross-functional teams using the Digital NPI Review board. The NPI Review board is connected to multiple systems (ERP, Sourcing, Suppliers) to provide accurate and timely information to support decision-making as well as creating/orchestrating workflows where needed.